Meeting Schedule 2021-2022

Faculty Meetings

Frequency: Once per month

Purpose: Provide professional development to our HCMS teachers and staff

Who: All teachers and staff

Dates: First Wednesday of the month 3:30PM-4:30PM

Grade-Level Team Meetings with Administration

Frequency: Twice a month during a portion of team planning time. Purpose: To ensure that the grade level teams are receiving the support that they need from administration to continually improve students' success.

Additional Information: Grade level teams will meet each week during a common prep period to continuously move their planning and student support forward.

Who: All teachers

Scheduled Days:

Grade-Level Teams



4th Grade: Thursdays 1:25-2:15

5th Grade: Thursdays 12:30-1:20

6th Grade: Wednesday 10:40 - 11:30

7th Grade: Thursday 9:35-10:25

8th Grade: Tuesdays 8:35-9:25

Allied Arts: Fridays (2,4) 7:45-8:30

Special Education: Tuesdays 3:15-4:00

Vertical Content Area Team Meetings with Administration

Frequency: Once each month.

Purpose: To support vertical alignment of curriculum

Who: All teachers

Dates: 3rd Wednesday of the Month

  • ELA/Social Studies

    • Felix Ackerman

    • Mary Steenburgh

    • Gretta Smith

    • Mathias Emmerton

    • Sarahjean Harris

    • Stephen De Sal

    • Title I

    • William Wright

  • Math

    • Anne-Marie Ballam

    • Becci Chase

    • Cheryl Marchetti

    • Grade 4

    • Nicole Kidder

    • Nichole Freligh

    • Title I

  • Science

    • Abigail Teullane

    • Alison Bagley

    • Allana Page

    • Grade 4

    • Marybeth Ruane

    • Laura Sjolander

    • Shawna Newcomb

  • Special Education

    • Bethany Cloutier

    • Gina Dunn

    • Paula Ingerson

Student Support Team

Frequency: Every other week

Purpose: To support students at risk due to academics, behaviors, attendance, or social emotional concerns. Referral forms will be an online form to complete.

Who: The core group will include school administrators, school counselor, special education director, student success center teacher, nurse, Director of Alternative Education, School Psychologist. (,,,,

Who else: Teachers will be invited when a student(s) in their classes have been identified as needing support or there has been a special education referral.

Dates: 9/15, 9/29

Wellness Committee Meetings

Frequency: Monthly

Purpose: To assess, develop, and reflect on physical, dietary, and emotional health efforts across our school community.

Who: Laurie Restelli, Marybeth Ruane, Mary Steenburgh, Alison Bagley, Abby Teullane, Mona Sandvil. (,,,,,, )


Continuous Improvement Team Meetings (Name change?)

Frequency: Monthly

Purpose: Collaborate on approaches to E-Time and Response to Instruction and reflect on progress of our programs and student growth.

Who: Nichole Kidder, Mathias Emmerton, Allana Page, Tara Russ, Sarajean Harris, Gina Dunn, Rebecca Chase, Felix Ackerman (,,,,,,,, )

Dates: 4th Wednesday of the month!!! 9/23, ...

Student Culture Committee Meetings

Frequency: Monthly

Purpose: Continual improvement of our school climate and culture with a focus on Developmental Designs.

Who: Lily Williams, Paula Ingerson, Jim Kinder, Heather Engle, Cheryl Marchetti, Gretta Smith (,,,,,,, )


Safety Committee Meetings

Frequency: Monthly

Purpose: Assess, plan, and support safety efforts across the school. ALICE should be a focus this year.

Who: Will Wright, Laurie Restelli, Stephen De Sal, Dennis Fornier, Bert Vines (,,,,, )


Staff Culture Sunshine Committee

Frequency: Monthly

Purpose: Community Building among the staff including monthly (or more frequent) challenges for staff, recognition for special milestones or life events, and supporting camaraderie through opportunities to enjoy one another’s company.

The staff kindness ambassadors of HCMS. An essential link in community building among colleagues, and in a sense reflecting that back to our students.

Who: Anne Ballam, Laura Sjolander, Jen West, Nichole Freligh, Cynthia McMahon (,,,, )

Dates:I don’t think we settled that yet???