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Phone (603) 787-2100 Fax (603) 787-6117


Jennifer Carbonneau, Principal Casey McGill, Assistant Principal Jim Kinder, School Counselor

Principal Jennifer Carbonneau's email:

Assistant Principal Casey McGill's email:

HELP After School Program Coordinator Jennifer West's email:

School Counselor James Kinder's email:

School Nurse Laurie Restelli's email:

Faculty and Staff

**To Note- All staff email addresses include first initial & last name, followed by (e.g.


Grade 4:

Lily Williams--(ext. 344)

Mary Steenburgh--(ext. 342)

Tara Russ--(ext. 340)

Grade 5:

Marybeth Ruane--(ext. 343)

Nichole Kidder--(ext. 345)

Gretta Smith--(ext. 341)

Grade 6:

Kim Nickles-- (ext. 307)

Rebecca Chase--(ext. 308)

Grade 7:

Mathias Emmerton--(ext. 315)

Nicole Freligh--(ext. 314)

Allana Page--(ext. 317)

Grade 8:

Alison Bagley--(ext. 319)

Cheryl Marchetti--(ext. 318)

Felix Ackerman--(ext. 320)

Allied Arts Teachers:

Anne Ballam --Art (ext. 326)

Sarahjean Harris -- Library Specialist (ext. 332)

William Wright--Music and Band (ext. 335)

David Kirk--Music (ext. 336)

Shawna Newcomb--Physical Education (ext. 328)

Abigail Teullane-- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Education (ext. 333 and 334)

Special Education Teachers:

Bethany Cloutier--(ext. 313)

Paula Ingerson--(ext. 316)

Office Staff:

Jennifer Carbonneau--Principal (ext. 302)

Casey McGill --Assistant Principal (ext. 303)

Jim Kinder--Guidance Counselor (ext. 314)

Brandie Dennis--Secretary (ext. 300)

Laurie Restelli--Nurse (ext. 306)

Megan Ales--Secretary (ext. 301)

Jennifer West--After School Program Dir.(ext. 304)

Phone on Table-- 398

Instructional Assistants:

Rose Clark

Mary Cataldo

Connie Hemway

John Page

Sharon Rand

Mona Sanville

Deb Robie

Diana Jones

Devon Abbey

Luanne Fournier

Other Service Providers:

Darlene Daniels--Speech (ext. 311)

Elizabeth Bigelow- Speech-Language Pathologist

Sarah Lang- Occupational Therapist

Sheila Hulton- SAu23 Behavior Specialist

Jessica Piccone-Robie- SPED Director SAU23

Moira DeBois--School Psychologist

Lori Taylor--Athletic Director (ext. 327)

Erik Erickson-- SAU23 Curriculum Director (ext. 310)

Anne Hatch-- Student Support Center -- (ext. 331)

Heather Engle-- Title 1 Teacher

Cynthia McMahon-- Title I Teacher

Custodial Staff:

Dennis Fournier--(ext.339)

Larry Tolimieri--(ext. 339)

Jared Smith--(ext. 339)

Cafeteria Staff:

Kitchen Phone--(ext. 338)