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Phone (603) 787-2100   Fax (603) 787-6117


Bob Griffin, Principal         Casey VanDemark, Assistant Principal         Jim Kinder, School Counselor

Principal Bob Griffin's email:

Dean of Students Shyanne Allbee's email:

HELP After School Program Coordinator Ari Chojnowski's email:

School Counselor James Kinder's email:

School Nurse Laurie Restelli's email:

Faculty and Staff

**To Note- All staff email addresses include first initial & last name, followed by (e.g.


Grade 4:

Tara Russ

Mary Steenburgh

Kathryn Michal

Grade 5:

Marybeth Ruane

Tim Carignan

Grade 6:

Mat Jacobs

Jenna Sicuranza

Nichole Kidder

Grade 7:

Nick Travers

Julie Fowler (long term substitute)

Grade 8:

Kathleen Lester

Cheryl Marchetti

Felix Ackerman

Tod Guilford

Allied Arts Teachers:

Anne Ballam-Art

Tod Guilford-- Library 

William Wright--Music and Band

Roxanna Zampiere- Music and Chorus

Shawna Newcomb--Physical Education

Sarah Metz--Health

Daleen Kaiser-- World Language

Rachel Donegan-- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Education (ext. 334)

Special Education Teachers:

Bethany Cloutier--(ext. 313) 

Tammy Carbee--(ext. 316)

Margaret Fix--(ext. 308)

Amanda McHugh--(ext. 322)

Office Staff:

Bob Griffin--Principal

Shyanne Allbee--Dean of Students

Jim Kinder--Guidance Counselor

Gail Bachus--Secretary

Laurie Restelli--Nurse

Megan Ales--Secretary

Ari  Chojnowski--After School Program Dir.

Instructional Assistants:

Other Service Providers:

Darlene Daniels--Speech--

Sarah Lang- Occupational Therapist

Beth Mattson- Physical Therapist

Lisa Thompson- COTA/L

Phillip Metayer- SAu23 Behavior Specialist

Janet Cole- SPED Director SAU23

Moira DeBois--School Psychologist

Dylan Magrane- School Psychologist

Lori Taylor--Athletic Director

Ellen Swain--Curriculum Director--

James Marshall-- SAU23 Tech Director 

Kathryn Kaminski-- Title I Teacher--(324)

Custodial Staff:

Dennis Fournier--(ext.339)

Larry Tolimieri--(ext. 339)

Cafeteria Staff:

Chelsea Smith

Debbie Tegu

Kitchen Phone--(ext. 338)