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Phone (603) 787-2100 Fax (603) 787-6117


Bob Griffin, Principal Casey VanDemark, Assistant Principal Jim Kinder, School Counselor

Principal Bob Griffin's email:

Assistant Principal Casey VanDemark (McGill) email:

HELP After School Program Coordinator Jennifer West's email:

School Counselor James Kinder's email:

School Nurse Laurie Restelli's email:

Faculty and Staff

**To Note- All staff email addresses include first initial & last name, followed by (e.g.


Grade 4:

Samuel Mealey--(ext. 344)

Mary Steenburgh--(ext. 342)

Grade 5:

Marybeth Ruane--(ext. 343)

Tara Russ-- (ext. 340)

Mathew Jacobs--(ext. 345)

Grade 6:

Kim Nickles-- (ext. 307)

Jenna Sicuranza-- (ext. 308)

Grade 7:

Mathias Emmerton--(ext. 315)

Nichole Kidder--(ext. 314)

Allana Page--(ext. 317)

Grade 8:

Kathleen Lester--(ext. 319)

Cheryl Marchetti--(ext. 318)

Felix Ackerman--(ext. 320)

Allied Arts Teachers:

Anne Ballam--Art--(ext. 326)

Tod Guilford-- Library Specialist--(ext. 332)

William Wright--Music and Band--(ext. 335)

Shawna Newcomb--Physical Education--(ext. 328)

Daleen Kaiser-- World Language

Rachel Donegan-- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Education (ext. 334)

Special Education Teachers:

Bethany Cloutier--(ext. 313)

Tammy Carbee--(ext. 316)

Margaret Fix--(ext. 308)

Amanda McHugh--(ext. 322)

Office Staff:

Bob Griffin--Principal--(ext. 302)

Casey McGill --Assistant Principal--(ext. 303)

Jim Kinder--Guidance Counselor--(ext. 304)

Brandie Dennis--Secretary--(ext. 300)

Laurie Restelli--Nurse--(ext. 306)

Megan Ales--Secretary--(ext. 301)

Jennifer West--After School Program Dir.--(ext. 331)

Phone on Office Table-- 398

Instructional Assistants:

  1. Rose Clark

  2. Connie Hemway

  3. Sharon Rand

  4. Mona Sanville

  5. Deb Robie

  6. Devon Abbey

  7. Luanne Fournier

  8. Rebecca Martin

  9. Sue Jesseman

  10. Julie Fowler

Other Service Providers:

Darlene Daniels--Speech--(ext. 311)

Taylor Crumpton- Speech-Language Pathologist

Sarah Lang- Occupational Therapist

Beth Mattson- Physical Therapist

Lisa Thompson- COTA/L

Phillip Metayer- SAu23 Behavior Specialist

Janet Cole- SPED Director SAU23

Moira DeBois--School Psychologist

Lori Taylor--Athletic Director--(ext. 327)

Erik Erickson-- SAU23 Curriculum Directo4--(ext. 310)

Anne Hatch-- Student Support Center--(ext. 310)

Cynthia McMahon-- Title I Teacher--(324)

Custodial Staff:

Dennis Fournier--(ext.339)

Larry Tolimieri--(ext. 339)

Tiffany Scarboro--(ext. 339)

Cafeteria Staff:

Chelsea Smith

Debbie Tegu

Joscelyn Pifari

Kitchen Phone--(ext. 338)