Area Comparison of 8th Grade NECAP Proficiency Rates

How do the NECAP scores of HCMS students compare with those of other schools in the region?

Comparing school-wide proficiency rates is problematic when the schools being compared have different grade configurations.  Instead of attempting to compare whole-school proficiency rates for schools with different grade configurations, the charts below provide a comparison of proficiency rates at HCMS and nearby towns on the 8th grade tests only.  The 8th grade tests have been chosen because these assessments of reading, math, and writing taken each October are the last comprehensive state-sponsored measures of proficiency done before these students enter high school. 

The schools chosen for this comparison are found in nearby towns that are big enough to consistently have an 8th grade class of more than 11 students.  This number is the minimum sample size a school must have before its scores are reported by the state to the public. 

This table identifies each school in the comparison, indicates its grade configuration, and provides its average class size over the last six years of testing:

 School      Town Configuration Average Size of 8th Grade Class
 Daisy Bronson Middle
 Littleton 7-8 69
 Haverhill Cooperative Middle Haverhill 4-8 70
 Lisbon Regional
 Lisbon K-12 36
 Plymouth Elementary    
 Plymouth    K-8 53
 Profile Bethlehem 7-12 52

The charts below compare the proficiency rates from all of these schools since 2005 and were compiled from data available at this link:

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