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Winter Activities Evergreen and Climbing

My child __________________ would like to participate in

Check one: ___Climbing ___Swimming        ___Gymnastics *for  6-week program at Evergreen.

2019 Winter Climbing Program

The North Country Climbing Center (N3C)

About the Program: Over the course of the program, students will learn the ropes in our state-of-the-art indoor climbing facility. Each lesson will include climbing and instruction. N3C’s skilled instructors will guide students through basic climbing skills, including:

• how to belay and lower climbers on the top rope,

• how to tie necessary climbing knots,

• how to spot climbers as they boulder,

• how to rappel,

• and the basics of climbing balance and motion.

This is a great opportunity to learn lifelong skills at an unbeatable price!

EVERGREEN Swim Program

Swimming:   Our Pools: At Evergreen we have two indoor swimming pools. The first is a 4 lane, 25-yard lap pool which starts at 3.5 feet and goes to 8 feet deep. We also have a smaller pool with increment steps from 2 feet deep to 5 feet deep.

Lifeguards: Evergreen Lifeguards are on duty while students swim. The Lifeguards will assess all swimmers and determine in which pool they may swim based on ability. The lifeguards will also enforce pool rules to ensure the safety of the students.

EVERGREEN Gymnastics Program

Gymnastics:  Recreational Programs: Evergreen Gymnastics is a state of the art gymnastics training center. Recreational programs learn the basics on all of the gymnastic events; Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor Exercise, as well as our Trampolines and foam pit. Students maneuver obstacle courses that change week to week. The program teaches them about balance, flexibility, and body awareness.  

Instructors: The Gymnastics instructors guide the students through the different event. Instructors teach students the fundamentals of beginning gymnastics in a safe environment as well as encourage students to try new things.

Students may choose one of the above programs for a 6-week session. The total cost including busing will be $90.

Mathias Emmerton,
Dec 3, 2018, 8:18 AM
Mathias Emmerton,
Dec 3, 2018, 8:18 AM