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2018 Downhill Activities at Cannon Mountain


These costs cover the expense of the lessons, rentals (if applicable), and transportation for six lessons.

 Skiing or Snowboarding Lessons (no equipment rental)    $112.00
 Skiing or Snowboarding Lessons (with equipment rental) $161.00
 Helmet Rental (if needed)*          $18.00

*All students will be required to wear a helmet at Cannon Mountain, both during the lessons and the afternoon practice time.


Parents must register their children for their selected program by the end of school on Thursday, December 22, 2017.

Parents can register their children by filling out the registration paperwork and sending it along with a check to the school by the December 22 deadline.  

The registration packet can be downloaded by clicking on the arrow in the bottom right corner of this web page or it can be picked up in the office. 

Please make checks payable to HCMS.

Each form in the packet is required.  If you have trouble downloading the packet, try using the download arrow to the right of the document name.

All forms and checks must be submitted in a sealed envelope to the school’s office.  Please do not submit them to the homeroom teachers.  Children should be instructed to bring their envelopes to the office and place them in the snowsports registration box.  This will help ensure that nothing is lost.

Fitting for Rented Equipment

Students who need to rent equipment from Cannon Mountain must be fitted for the equipment before the program begins.  This fitting will take place on December 13, 5-7 pm in the HCMS cafeteria.  Because rental paperwork will need to be signed for each student, it is necessary that a parent accompany each child to the fitting.

Ability Grouping

Classes at Cannon Mountain will consist of 6-10 students, based on age and ability.  On one of the registration forms, you will be asked to indicate your child’s prior experience.  These are the categories:

1.  First-Time (never on skis or a snowboard)

2.  Beginner (can turn and stop on beginner slopes)

3.  Novice (comfortable on green terrain and can control speed by turning)

4.  Low Intermediate (skilled enough to begin on blue terrain)

5.  Intermediate (comfortable on all blue terrain)

6.  Advanced (comfortable on all blue and black terrain)


Refunds for the Cannon Mountain lessons will be available for medical reasons only.  If a student is unable to participate in the program, the school needs to be notified immediately.  A full refund is available if this notification occurs before the first lesson.  A 2/3 refund is available if a student drops out for medical reasons after the first lesson.  Cannon Mountain will not refund money after the second lesson.

For more information about the Cannon Mountain Ski School, please visit their website at Cannonmtn.com.

Robert Phillips,
Nov 9, 2017, 11:39 AM