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Grades 4-7 Relocation

Students in grades four through seven are attending classes at the armory on Court Street in Woodsville. The armory has office space, three classrooms, and a large open area. This open area has been subdivided into additional classroom spaces.

School at the armory begins at 8:10 and ends at 3:00.


Students riding buses are dropped off at the Community Field for morning recess, weather permitting. When it is raining, the students are dropped off at the armory. At 8:05, students walk over to the armory, using a path that keeps them from having to walk along Court Street. Parents are welcome to drop off their children at the Community Field or at the armory. Students should enter the armory from the front door. There is a path connecting the front door with the south driveway. Students should be dropped off at the end of that path. All visitors should use this same front door and sign in at the office. During the school day, the door will be locked. Please ring the buzzer for assistance.

All traffic at the armory should enter on the south side of the armory (the entry furthest from the Community Field), go around the back side of the armory, and exit onto Armory Lane. There are signs indicating where the school's entrance and exits are. Please yield to buses and watch for staff members who will be guiding traffic. There is not a lot of room for vehicles in the driveway. It is important that cars not block the flow of traffic around the armory. A few temporary parking spaces can be found by driving all the way around the back of the armory. These spaces are next to the rear corner of the armory. For more information see this diagram.


All regular classes and specials are held in the armory except for Physical Education and Music.  Music classes meet in the hall at the Catholic church on Pine Street. This hall allows the music class to make the noise without disrupting the other classes that are in session at the armory. 
Weather permitting, P.E. classes are held at the Woodsville Community Field. When the weather is bad, P.E. classes will be held in the activity hall of the Methodist church in on Maple Street.  Students are supervised when they are in transit to these off-campus sites.


Students in grades 4-6 eat their lunches at the armory. Weather permitting, the students will use the picnic tables outside. When the weather is bad, the students eat either in their classrooms or in an eating area in the armory.

Students in grade 7 walk to the high school for lunch. These students have 45 minutes to walk to the cafeteria in the Community Building, eat lunch, and walk back. They are supervised by adults in transit. This arrangement allows the 7th grade some time to get out of the armory, have social time with each other without worrying about the noise level, and lets them see the 8th grade students who eat at about the same time in the cafeteria at WHS.

Band and Chorus

Students who are in band and chorus have their rehearsals at the high school during the study hall period at the end of the school day. Their directors and other staff members will supervise the students as they walk from the armory to the high school for rehearsal. Band rehearsal will be in the high school band room. Chorus rehearsal will be in the high school cafeteria.


Students who are not in band or chorus can be picked up at the armory at 3:00.

Parent pick-up at the armory will be at the end of the sidewalk on the south side of the armory. Waiting vehicles should pull all the way over to the right to allow passage for the buses, which will be arriving to line up and receive students.

Students who ride buses will load the buses on the pavement behind the armory. The buses will pull out at 3:05. Parent vehicles can then follow.

Parent pick-up of chorus or band students at the high school will be at 3:05. The later dismissal is to allow the majority of high school students to leave before the students are dismissed to the front of the Community Building, where they will wait for their rides or watch for their buses to arrive. The middle school will be providing supervision during this dismissal time.

Students who are in band or chorus and who are in the after-school session of HELP walk to armory with supervision to attend programming there. There are no HELP activities at the high school. On Fridays, when HELP goes on its field trips, students who are attending rehearsals at the high school will be picked up by the field trip bus in front of the WHS Community Building. They do not need to return to the armory.

Students at both locations should be picked up by 3:15. There will be no after-school recess.

What about the weather?

The walking between locations will take place even if it is raining or snowing. Students need to be ready to spend a few minutes in the weather in order to walk to each location. Umbrellas, a water-resistant outer layer, and appropriate footwear will help keep children comfortable and safe. The longest walk takes less than 10 minutes. The hill across from the armory will soon be closed to traffic. The school's custodial staff will keep a path up the hill clear from snow and ice. If sudden icing occurs and makes the hill unsafe for walking, activities will be moved inside the armory.