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Grade 8 Relocation

Students in the eighth grade attend classes at Woodsville High School. The high school has made arrangements for the eighth grade to occupy four classrooms in a single area of the school. Students have a schedule very similar to their current schedule. They change classes and eat lunch at times when the high school students are in classes.

Classes at the high school will begin at 8:10.

Students who arrive early either by bus or car should meet their teachers on the soccer field before school.

There will be a snack break between periods 2 and 3, but there will be no snack foods sold. Students need to bring their own snacks if they would like to eat something.

Students will be dismissed to the community building at 3:00 to wait for their buses or rides.

Students should be picked up by 3:15. There will be no after-school recess.

Students in afternoon session of HELP walk to armory with supervision to attend programming there.