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HCMS Photo of the Week!
Beautiful Spring morning here at Haverhill Middle School!

7th Grade Students enjoying Quechee Gorge Trail on their field trip 

HCMS is an exemplary learning community whose students are empowered to realize their potential, think critically and creatively, persevere in problem solving, and embrace, own, and delight in lifelong learning.

Our school is located just East of the village center of North Haverhill, NH overlooking the beautiful Connecticut River Valley.

 Haverhill Cooperative Middle School has approximately 250 students enrolled in grades 4-8. Our average homeroom class size is 14.  Students in all grades complete a course of study that requires them to take year-long courses in Math, Science, Social Studies, and English.  Additionally, students complete courses of study in art, life skills, music, physical education, and technology education.  

Band, chorus, and music programs involve about half of all students.  Our athletic program includes soccer, basketball, cheer leading, baseball, softball, and track and field.

Contact us with any questions or concerns:
Telephone: (603) 787-2100
Fax: (603) 787-6117
Office Staff Email: hcmsoffice@sau23.org


We are excited to share 2017-2018 HCMS news with you!  

Highlighted Events

Highlighted Events

5/17- 8th grade orientation night @ WHS
5/18- 7th grade field trip to St. Johnsbury Academy
5/21- 7th grade field trip to VINS
5/25- 5th grade F/T to Fort #4
         6th grade F/T to cemeteries 
5/28- No School- Happy Memorial Day!
6/1- Wellness Day 
6/4- WES parents visit HCMS 5:30pm
        American Originals Day (8th grade) Family night @ 6-7pm
6/5- WES 3rd grade students visit HCMS 
        6th Grade Field Trip to Town Offices
6/6- Ag Day
        HELP Family Night @ Alumni Hall 5:30PM
6/7- 5th Grade Field Trip to Whale's Tale
6/8- 6th Grade Field Trip to Cannon Mtn & The Flume
6/11- 6th Grade Field Trip to Haverhill commons 
         7th Grade Field Trip to Saint- Guadens
         8th Grade Field Trip to Arethusa Falls
6/12- 6th Grade Field Trip to Twin Mtn Camp & Slicks
          8th Grade Field Trip to Community Service
6/13-  8th Grade Field Trip to Upper Valley Stewardship
6/14- 7th grade Field Trip to Room 111
          8th Grade Graduation @ 1pm!
          HCMS Awards Assembly. 

HCMS Standardized Testing 2018

May  8-9 Grade 7 SBAC ELA

May 10-11 Grade 6 and 8 SBAC ELA

May 15-16 Grade 4 SBAC ELA

May 14-17 Grade 5 SBAC Math

May 17-18 Grade 8 SBAC Math

May 22 -23 Grade 6 and 7 SBACs Math

May 24-25 Grade 4 SBAC Math


Please see the athletics calendar for a listing of all school athletic events including practices and games.

Baseball/ softball season is upon us! Check out the athletics page for more information! 

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2017-2018 School Calendar

Bus Routes

Questions about bus routes and schedules? Click here for the 2017-2018 Butler Bus Schedule  or contact them directly at (603) 787-6925.
Butler Bus Schedule

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